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Production of cognac in the house  of "Tavria" is a unique process. The fact that our grapes undergoes a full cycle of processing: the ripe berries are transformed into a magical beverage «Jaton», which is bottled. It is difficult to find another way of cognac production with a full cycle not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Grapes turns into cognac and gets to the consumer, passing the following steps:

Vineyards of  "House of Vintage Cognacs "Tavria" in New Kakhovka are located on the 46 parallels, as the cradle of the cognac production - the same named French city. It unites the tastes and quality of Tavrian and the French drink.

Great environment, luxurious fertile land, specially selected grapes, proven by centuries technologies of distillation and aging in oak barrels would seem the right ingredients for a perfect cognac. But that's not everything, such criteria as the continuity of time and a traditions.

Cognac "Zhaton" is the commemoration of the people who believed in their dream and put great efforts in the production of cognac. A group of French-Swiss settlers, which included Jean Jaton, Julius Meyer and Louis Gehler, discovered this land in the 19th century, turned the sandy deserts into blossoming vineyards. Thanks to their efforts, the village Osnova was established, which is known now under the name of New Kakhovka.

The magical combination of ingredients from the "House of cognacs "Tavria" gives the drink a truly unique taste. The energy of the sun, juicy grapes, the work of masters found their reflection in impeccable quality and flavor of cognac "Jaton", which gives a feeling of full-color and bright life. Manufacturers are proud to call "Jatone" a perfect drink, and they are the real experts of cognacs!