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History of cognac

The history of advent of sophisticated cognacs "JATON" represents  passed through the century direct evidence of kinship of the drinks with the masterpieces of the best cognac houses of France.

125 years ago, winemakers in France and Switzerland went on a trip in search of a dream of their own vineyards and their own production of cognac, which would become the best in Europe.



Louis Gehler, Jean Jaton and Julius Meyer had  already obtained the great experience in the most famous wineries in Europe, but their financial condition was insufficient for the acquisition of land in the vicinity of the French town of Cognac, the price of which at the time were affordable only for kings. So they decided to move to the east along the same 46th parallel, where the town Cognac and the best cognac vineyards of France, were located, to find another, yet unexplored open space, ideal for growing grape of cognac varieties.

The modest masters of winemaking could hardly suppose that the Emperor himself would help them in their search. In 1822, Alexander I  got worried about the unfortunate state of the Black Sea vineyards and decided that the help of European experts would be vital for the revival of viticulture.
        They couldn't succeed in this task. So when the European colonists Gehler, Zhaton and Mayer arrived in the lands of Tavria , they were offered to purchase 500 desiatins (1 desiatina = to 2,7 acres) of desert lands in Tavria steppes almost for nothing, which were chosen by them to the surprise of the tsar. These lands were arid, seemingly unsuitable for wine-making, and only masters managed to assess the true potential of these lands. The acreage was situated in the 46th parallel, soils exceeded the French ones with their properties.

And just in ten years there appeared magnificent vineyards which produced excellent harvests of grapes of the best European varieties. For their cultivation and harvesting winemakers attracted residents of the surrounding villages. A lot of people began to settle close to the wine-growing lands.
        Thus the settlement Osnova appeared, which gave the start for  the entire city of winemakers, which is still considered to be one of the best production facilities of exquisite amber cognacs in Europe.

Cognac JATON was named after one of its creators. Its production includes technological secrets which has been cherished by Jean Zhaton for decades, along with the dream of creating his own cognac. His method of creating coupages of cognac spirits is considered unrivaled by experts to this day. Classical production technology fully complies with the stringent requirements of the French town of Cognac and Charente province. And ecology, soil and climatic conditions of the region is acknowledge by many specialists to be superior to the French one. It is no coincidence that there are a lot of awards of the most prestigious tasting competitions in the asset of JATONE, and the history of the famous cognac brands which hasn't been is not interrupted for 125 years, obtained the potential to continue.