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Distillation Workshop is a crucial turning step. The cognac is prepared from cognac spirits obtained by distilling of processed wine material and young dry wines on special distillation apparatus of different designs.

Many years of practice have proved that the best quality spirits obtained from the distillation of wine in batched-operated distillation apparatuses of  Charentais type. This increases the concentration of the volatile aromatics in alcohol. Distillation process involves two stages. At the first stage the raw spirit of 26-28 C is produced. Only the "heart" of fraction, about 70% which is composed of the light and aromatic alcohols, is used at the second stage.  Like after the first boiling, at the second stage again only the core of the total fraction is left. This alcohol strength of 65 -68 C is sent for aging in oak barrels, where it will be held at least three years.

Distillation is carried out in the following year after the harvest.

Both the first and the second distillation is carried out in a special distillation apparatus, the so called "Charentais" alembic.

At the second stage of distillation, wine gets rid of unnecessary components. As a result, cognac spirit is obtained here, which is colorless, low aromatic and rather harsh for taste. Cognac spirit is converted into the cognac only after aging in oak barrels.

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