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Твой путь - твоя Мечта

"It isn't your France, my friend - they told him, - Wild steppe - it will not work!".

But he didn't pay attention to it and went on cultivating land growing grapes with his own hands, hoping to make a good cognac.

And he has done it!

It was exactly like this 125 years ago, when  a French colonist Jean Jaton founded one of the best cognac production in Europe, known today as the House of Vintage Cognacs "Tavria". And if there was someone in this world to know the true price of cognac, then it was Jaton in the first place.

Times have changed, and today there are people who embody the great dream and  are able to create great things that remain in the memory of generations through their hard work. It's for them,  that a range of luxury cognacs «Jatone» have been created, imbued with the story of Monsieur Jaton's success, which has become a legend of cognac business, set in our homeland, in the steppes of Kherson.


Today you can buy cognac "Jaton" in Kiev, as well as in Munich, Moscow, Copenhagen and Tallinn, Venice and Bergamo - all over Europe the people love this wonderful drink of Ukrainian origin. True connoisseurs of this brand of cognac know, that it is made from the best raw materials by real professionals of cognac business. It's no wonder that many fans of European cognac lovers believe  that it is the best cognac in Ukraine, which has a rich and unique aroma and delicate taste, which combines age-old traditions and light hints of modernity.

The name of the drink is the name of the founder of the House of Vintage Cognacs "Tavria". He was the first to believe in the distinctive properties of Kherson land, providing the vineyards the conditions similar to the lands of the famous Charente province.

As a modern sommelier of the House of Vintage Cognacs "Tavria", Jaton was a true expert in his field, so wasn't afraid to invest a huge fortune in the basis of cognac business in Ukraine, which has been successfully developing for the second century already.

Истоки Таврии

House of Vintage Cognacs "Tavria" began its tradition in the Tavria province back in 1889 - it's this year that is considered the beginning of the development of viticulture in the Lower Dnieper sands. Today this area geographically belongs to the Kherson region and has an interesting feature, due to which the Ukrainian brandy can be assessed in a line with the French ones:

It's exactly here that the 46th parallel, which is the "homeland" of  the most famous brandies in the world, as the city and the province of Charente Cognac are on the same latitude.

Первые успехи

Three years after planting of the first vineyards in the village Osnova the first wine was produced. This happened in 1893. Then the colonists, according to some reports, produced about 25 thousand buckets. Jaton was incredibly pleased with such a good result. It was the most important victory in his life over the powers of nature, sands and many other difficulties faced by winegrowers in the back Tavria province. After a few years the production has got a wide scale.

Наша основа

In the winter 1889 the colonists viticulturists headed by Jean Jaton purchased thousand acres of sandy soil near the village of Brytany of Dnieper district.

When the string of settlers' carts stopped at what is now the center of New Kakhovka, Louis Gehler, the close friend of Jaton, got off the cart, stuck the shovel into the sand and said: "There will be our base.(in Russian "osnova").

The village, founded by them, is still called the "Osnova" (base). Later there appeared many other wineries settlements around, but the dominant position among them on the Lower Dnieper sands has always been occupied by the village Osnova.